How long should I leave my device? 

Health Canada recommends formally that we all should test for radon for a minimum of 3 months during the winter heating months (October to April). However, the latest Canadian radon research shows that there is no statistically significant difference between long term 90+ day test outcomes performed at different times of year (seasons). This data clearly indicates that testing any time between the start of September to end of May is perfectly fine for a 90-day test. If you do longer, you could potentially start at any time of year. The thing to bear in mind is the longer the test, the more reliable the result.

We want you to be aware you have three options:

  • Perform a minimum period 90-day test that starts any time from September 1st to March 1st (so that the latest they end is May 31st).
  • Perform a longer (6 months) test starting at any time of year.
  • Deploy your test for an entire year.

The device is only active once you have opened the vacuum-sealed plastic bag it will arrive encased within. As soon as you open this vacuum-sealed bag, the test starts. The most important thing is to accurately record the start and end date of the test, via the registration process.

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