With your home radon result, we are able to

  • Better protect Canadians from the harmful effects of radon gas exposure 
  • Understand why certain properties have higher or lower radon compared to others
  • Work towards solutions that mean lower radon for everyone 
  • Determine what behaviours modify our radon exposure 
  • Determine the best pathway forward for best radon testing in Western Canada 

Our research has determined a number of interesting facts. For example, we have found that newer Western Canadian homes have higher radon. We are currently working to understand why. We speculate this is due to much larger square footage of newer properties, and tighter air seal. 

Key findings:

  1. 18% (or one in six) of homes in Western Canada tested exceeded the 200Bq/m3 Health Canada maximum acceptable radon limit guideline.
  2. Exceptionally high radon readings were observed across the region, all neighbourhoods are at risk. No areas contained homes all below Health Canada guidelines.
  3. Newer homes built in the past 25 years had 31.5% higher average radon levels compared to older homes built prior to 1992.
  4. In Southern Alberta, radon mitigation is highly effective, so there is a straight forward solution to the problem for those homeowners at risk.

Latest published research:

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