FALL RADON TESTING: Long-term radon test kits are now available.  

Thank you for your interest in testing with the Evict Radon research initiative.  

Evict Radon is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to solving Canada’s large and worsening radon-gas exposure problem, a substantial cause of lung cancer even in non-smokers. Evict Radon embraces research strategies across disciplines to gain the information necessary to:

  1. Understand what type of property produces a high or low radon environment, and why
  2. Identify who in society are the most at risk from radon exposure
  3. Make meaningful changes to policy to engineer high radon out of our future buildings.

By testing your home with one of our non-profit, research-grade radon test kits and enrolling in our national, public university-based research study, you are helping Evict Radon aligned researchers from across Canada to understand radon exposure and develop new ways to protect ourselves and loved ones.

Canada Post return shipping instructions 

The radon test device is durable and can be placed as is, into the box it arrived in or in a padded or Tyvek envelope. Please take the box or envelope and these instructions to your local post office. Securely tape closed and mail to the North American test collection hub. Sadly, at this time, we do not have a hub in Canada, so it must be sent to:

RadoNova Inc.
900 Oakmont Lane, Suite 207
Westmont, IL, 60559

USA Customs info:
Country of origin: USA
Reason: Return for analysis

Sending it as a “small packet” will cost about $10 without tracking. The device is too large to be sent as “letter mail” and may be destroyed in the postal sorting machine. Make sure you send the device to the lab within 7 days of ending the test or the results may come back invalid. Please keep a record of the device number (number on the bottom of the device) as well as your start and end dates until you receive your results. The results will be emailed directly to you once the analysis is complete. This may take between 4 – 6 weeks.

Where does my test go from there?

From the North American collection hub, all tests are logged and then shipped en masse in batches to the global laboratory which is based in Uppsala, Sweden, EU. Shipping in bulk like this saves energy, cost and ensures the fastest turnaround time.

COVID-19 Update: Due to the recent pandemic there have been recorded interruptions with Canada Post. You are welcome to send your device back at this time. However, it is extremely important that you record accurate start and end dates on the registration website. It may also take longer for you to get your results. 

It’s been over 6 weeks and I haven’t gotten my report? At this time, this is normal. Double-check your email spam folder for a report from the lab in Sweden: Radonova. If you haven’t received anything, please email [email protected] and we will do our best to track down your results. 

Step 6: How to read the lab results >

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