Publications from our team and other Canadian radon scientists:

Evict Radon is a volunteer-led non-profit organization that combines grassroots science engagement and citizen science-based research in a way perhaps never seen before in Canada for preventing cancers. Evict Radon is led by Dr. Aaron Goodarzi of the University of Calgary, who is the federally-appointed Canada Research Chair for Radiation Exposure Disease.

All of our volunteer efforts and funding are designed to encourage as many Canadians to test their home for radon through our National Evict Radon research study. Everything we do strictly adheres to national research ethics standards, as well as best practices for controlled studies that will pass academic peer-review and, ultimately, very close scrutiny from the public and experts. Achieving a radon risk-free future for Canada is very possible and, if successful, prevent literally thousands of new, mostly high lethality lung cancers each year.


Social factors and behavioural reactions to radon test outcome underlie differences in radiation exposure dose, independent of household radon level

Irvine et al.
In Preparation, Publication 2022
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