Why test with Evict Radon?

An advantage to testing with a research project like Evict Radon is that the scientists perform hundreds of controls to ensure your radon reading is “gold standard”. These include:

  • Blanks, un-exposed tests put through the entire process to ensure precision and accuracy
  • Duplicates
  • Spiked positives, tests we send to the lab to ensure that devices are precise

In addition to ensuring your radon test result is as accurate as possible, your data will be used for the betterment of Canadian Health and society to further research into cancer prevention. 

Everything we do and say has been approved by the Conjoint Health Research Ethics Board, which ensures that there are no conflicts of interest, that your data is held securely and safely, and that the risks of participation are both minimized and fully disclosed. 

Why do we care?

Canada is now at the stage where it is no longer sufficient to just promote radon testing, without also working towards a system-wide reduction in radon in new buildings, real behaviour change, and new protective policies. Basic radon testing programs have been delivered by many, many organizations for decades, yet Canadian homes continue to be constructed with more and more radon. Of the relatively small numbers of people that do a radon test, only about a third of people who find they are at risk will take action to reduce their exposure. Meanwhile, cases of never-smoker lung cancer also continue to rise. This must change. Thankfully, we can now help make these changes a reality. By testing your home with cancer researchers like the Evict Radon National Study team, you are helping scientists all across Canada understand radon exposure in new and deeper ways, enabling us to develop new ways to protect us all. Your participation matters.

To enroll in the study, click the yellow ‘purchase my test’ button at the top of the page.

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