NOTICE: Radon testing during Spring & Summer (April to August)  

You are interested in obtaining a radon test kit during Spring or Summer period (April to August). The latest Canadian radon research shows that there is no statistically significant difference between long term 90+ day test outcomes performed at different times of year (seasons). However, health authorities still recommend performing most of this test during colder months. We want you to be aware you have three options:

  1. Perform a 180+ (6 month) test, starting now
  2. Wait until mid-September, and perform a 90+ day (3 month) test
  3. Deploy your test for an entire year

The device is only active once you have opened the plastic bag surrounding it. The most important thing is to accurately record the start and end date of the test, via the registration process. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Registering your device online 

It is extremely important that you register your device online when you are ready to start your test.

You will need:
Commission Number: on the plastic the device is wrapped in
Password: on the plastic the device is wrapped in
Device Number: on the bottom of the “little hockey puck” radon detector

To Start:
1.     Click the ‘register my test’ button at the top of our website.
2.     Enter the commission number and password and click continue. Note: keep this information, you’ll need it again at the end of your test. 
3.     Update all of your personal information paying extra attention to enter the correct email, this is the email used to receive your results.
4.     Enter the detector # and start date, floor and location. No need to enter the end date now, you’ll do that when you log back in at the end.
5.     Complete the home metric survey to the best of your ability. You may leave answers blank if you don’t know.
6.     Click ‘save all’ in the top right hand corner
7.     You can log in at anytime using your commission number and password to update the information. 

Ending your test:
1.     Log back in using your commission number and password.
2.     Enter your end date.
3.     Ensure all of your information remains the same, especially your email.
4.     Click ‘save all’.

Complete! Take your device to the post office within 7 days of ending it. 

Question? Send us an email [email protected] 

Reminder! Not logging either your start or end date is the number one reason our participants do not receive their reading after sending it back it. However, it’s never too late! If your forget, contact us at any time with these dates and we can then calculate your reading.

Step 3: Where to place your device >

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