A simple test now that could one day prevent lung cancer should be on everyone’s mind. As you visit with family and enter the homes of your loved ones, take a moment to think, “could this home have high levels of radon?”

Based on our research at the University of Calgary, we know 1 in 8 home in Calgary have high levels of radon, while 1 on 6 in Edmonton and early results indicate 1 in 2 in Saskatchewan. We live in a part of the world with very high radon potential due to the level of uranium in our soil.

This year, the Evict Radon testing study is open to all of Canada so while your aunt is visiting from Winnipeg or your favourite cousin from Vancouver, encourage them to test their home for radon gas.

Lung cancer prevention should never be an awkward conversation with those we love, especially when it is entirely preventable. This Thanksgiving encourage your family and friends to take the first step. – radon test today.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Evict Radon and the University of Calgary, Charbonneau Cancer Institute.