Based on our last research we have found that the existing dogma – that radon is always highest during winter heating months no longer applies in the Canadian context. Indeed, nearly half of residences we examined showed consistent radon all year, and a quarter demonstrated higher radon levels in summer. We are currently monitoring this and working towards understanding why.

We speculate that this trend may be another consequence of the rising air-tightness of buildings in the region, but that this is also coupled with the growing prevalence of air conditioning units. Click here to learn more about the research. 

For this reason, Evict Radon testing kits are available year round. However, health authorities still recommend performing most of this test during colder months. We want you to be aware you have three options:

  • Perform a 180+ (6 month) test, starting now
  • Wait until mid-September, and perform a 90+ day (3 month) test
  • Deploy your test for an entire year

The device is only active once you have opened the plastic bag surrounding it. The most important thing is to accurately record the start and end date of the test, via the registration process. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].