Radon testing is simple and affordable — but it’s not instantaneous. Like many things in life, good things come to those who wait – including when testing your home for radon.

Radon testing is not unlike dating. Meet someone once, and you have a snapshot of who they are. Meet them a few times over a short period of time, and you have a better understanding of what they’re like. Continually see them over a long period, and you’ll have the most accurate representation. It takes time to get meaningful results.

Research conducted by Evict Radon chair and Canada research chair for radiation exposure disease Dr. Aaron Goodarzi and his team at the University of Calgary revealed that 99 percent of the time short-term (five-day) radon tests yield unreliable results compared to long-term tests — regardless of the season. This is due in part to the fact that radon levels can fluctuate wildly over the course of 24 hours. As a result, short-term tests can result in unnecessary stress or false relief.

However, like dating, there are always exceptions to the rule. Sometimes it doesn’t always take many days to get an accurate assessment. Sometimes when you know – you know. Digital radon monitors produce a long-term average in as little as seven days. (The longer the device gathers data, the more accurate the result.) Within one week, a digital monitor can produce precise results within less than five percent of a standard deviation. This, however, is a much more costly option — and it means you won’t automatically be enrolled in our research study to help us understand radon exposure and develop new ways to protect yourself and those you love.

Do you want to test your home for radon in Canada? We encourage you to commit to a 90-day long-term test with us by purchasing an Evict Radon test kit. Our standards are high. When you engage in a relationship with Evict Radon, you can feel confident knowing your results are true and everlasting (for five years or until you undergo a major renovation).