The 2018/19 Evict Radon research project is now accepting participants.  By testing your home through our research study, your contribution will help us accomplish our mission to ‘evict’ radon from our homes and prevent future cases of radon-induced lung cancer. 

Every day, another Albertan is diagnosed with radon-induced lung cancer despite never having used tobacco. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, but it is entirely preventable. Knowing your home’s radon level is the first step in determining if you are at risk.

The cost of the kit is $60 and everything you need to test your home is included, there are no hidden costs. The kit will be mailed to your home. In it, you will receive the alpha track test device, an instruction pamphlet telling you how to place, register and return your test device, and a pre-paid return shipping label. The radon test laboratory fee for reading your test device is included in this cost. Shipping is via Canada Post and includes tracking information.

The first step towards prevention is to test your home. Click here to order your Evict Radon Testing Kit.