Evict Radon test kit

By ordering one of our Evict Radon national study test kits you’re not only purchasing a quality-controlled device, you are also contributing to public sector cancer research by consenting to join with our team of University researchers from across Canada to understand and ultimately engineer out the radon from our homes. Everything we do goes through a rigorous Research Ethics Board approval process. All we need is your consent to access your radon reading and the corresponding home metric survey that you will fill out during the registration process. Please note that all of your data is immediately de-identified, kept encrypted within Canada at secure locations, and we never publish individual addresses or anything that can identify you. 

At this time our team is able to provide kits at cost for $51.99, and you’ll receive everything needed to ensure your radon test result is as accurate as possible. As Evict Radon is not a test manufacturer, we have contracted a C-NRPP certified partner (RadonWest) to fulfill our orders and conduct extensive quality control as per national guidelines and rules. Our radon kits are offered at cost with no funds profiting Evict Radon or our partners. 

Included in your kit:  
Shipping to home address
Radtrak2 – long term radon test
Placement and Registration Instructions
Fees for radon analysis and reporting
Report at the end of the analysis 

IMPORTANT: In order to meet new Canada Post rules, return shipping labels are not included. Return shipping as a “small packet” with Canada Post will cost approximately $10 without tracking.

Step 2: How to register your device >

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