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Your current radon exposure is estimated to be below where a statistically significant increase in lifetime risk of lung cancer is evident for a typical adult who does not smoke tobacco.

Your absorbed alpha radiation dose (to the lungs) from residential radon gas inhalation is 0 mSv/yr, with a total exposure of 0 mSv over the period you have lived in your current home(s).

You are below worldwide and national averages for radon inhalation exposure.

By living in your home(s) for 850 years, you will receive the equivalent dose of radiation from radon, as one CT scan to the abdomen, pelvis, spine, or heart


The blue in the chart above represents real radon exposure, as measured through people participating in the Evict Radon National Study. Yes, this means that there are people who are experiencing more radiation from radon in their homes, than an astronaut does on the international space station!

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