This November for Lung Cancer Awareness Month, advocates from across Canada are working hard to increase awareness and education about lung cancer. On average, 80 Canadians will be diagnosed with lung cancer everyday*. Part of these efforts includes reaching under-serviced populations. This year we’re beyond grateful for the support from the Aboriginal Multi-Media Society. 

This relationship was made possible by Diane Colton, lung cancer survivor, advocate and Chair of Unmasking the Reality of Lung Cancer.

“Radon affects everyone,” says Dr. Aaron Goodarzi, Board Chair of Evict Radon and Research lead. “It’s important that we do all that we can to get the message to everyone, no matter where they live. For this reason, we’re thrilled that our messaging will reach the Aboriginal communities across Alberta.” 

The Aboriginal Multi-Media Society is an independent Indigenous communications organization committed to facilitating the exchange of information reflecting Indigenous culture to a growing and diverse audience. This organization is dedicated to providing objective, mature and balanced coverage of news, information and entertainment relevant to Indigenous issues and peoples, while maintaining profound respect for the values, principles and traditions of Indigenous people. 

Throughout November, PSA announcements by Dr. Aaron Goodarzi and other researchers along with lung cancer survivors will be broadcast over the radio to increase awareness to the Indigenous people across Alberta. 

“Our messaging will increase awareness about the Evict Radon initiative, encouraging as many people to test their home for radon gas through the University of Calgary research initiative,” says Goodarzi. 

Click here to turn in to WindSpeaker Radio 88.1FM throughout the month of November. For more information on radon, the Evict Radon research initiative and to order a radon test kit visit