For more than 140 years, the Governor General’s Gold Medal has recognized the outstanding scholastic achievements of students in Canada. Gold medals are awarded to graduate students who achieve extraordinary level of academic accomplishment and whose science has had a major impact on society.   

Dr. Aaron Goodarzi, Dr. Stanley’s doctoral supervisor says “this incredibly rare honour is very well deserved, as Dr. Stanley’s doctoral thesis work has, quite literally, revolutionized radon gas awareness, research, legislation and policy in Canada. It is no exaggeration to say that his thesis is the foundational knowledge that is being used to prevent cancers and save lives. I congratulate him most heartedly.” 

A rare honour – only 116 gold medals have ever been awarded to an Albertan student since 1873.

Fintan is the first ever in the Charbonneau Cancer Institute to win a GGG medal, and also the first ever to for the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology graduate program. He is also the 10th student in the Cumming School of Medicine and 32nd in all of the University of Calgary history to win this honour.  

Evict Radon congratulates Dr. Stanley on this prestigious honour and thanks him for his dedication and research towards radon awareness and research in Canada.  

Governor General’s Academic Gold Medal