How do I test my home?

Testing your home for radon is cheap, easy and effective. To figure out the amount of radon in your home, all you have to do is purchase a radon testing device through us. One of the most effective and simplest of tests is called an “alpha track” device, which, over a 90+ day period, will register the Bq/m3 of the indoor air of your home. It requires no electricity and is about the same size as a small hockey puck.

Place the device in the lowest level of your home that you or someone spends about 4+ hours a day. This could be your basement, or perhaps the main floor. Do not place the radon test in kitchens, bathrooms, near open windows or other areas with fans or strong air flow. Areas of the home that no-one spends time in (crawl spaces, furnace room, etc.) are also not ideal. Radon testing should only occur between the beginning of October to the end of April, as testing in spring, summer and early fall gives inaccurate readings. After your 90+ days are complete, you just ship your device to a lab via Canada Post, and within 3-6 weeks you should receive your confidential reading by email.

Deploying an Evict Radon test kit

Step 1


Order an Evict Radon test through the Evict Radon website. Every radon test bought assists in cancer research.

Step 2


Once you receive your device make sure you register it on our website: with the supplied commission number and password which you’ll find on the device packaging. 

Step 3


Test the air you are breathing on the lowest level of your home. 

Step 4


Leave the radon test device in place for 90+ days allowing the device to measure radon levels over time for an accurate reading.

Step 5


Log back into the registration website via the link on and enter the end date. Collect your radon test device and place it back in the box it came in. Seal the box. Bring the return shipping instructions and box to your local post office and pay to send the box to the lab. 

Step 6


You will receive your results within a few weeks. Be sure to review them and ensure your home’s radon levels are safe.

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