These long-term alpha track detectors are comprised of a black plastic housing with a defined chamber size that contains a CR-39 plastic chip. This chip is used to monitor the impact of the alpha particles the radon emits. The alpha particle hits the plastic, leaving a dent; 1 dent per second equals 1 becquerel (Bq) of radon. By knowing the chamber size and the exact duration of the test, we’re able to calculate the concentration of radon in your home.

For quality assurance, the facilities that manufacture these devices are controlled and have incredibly low radon levels. The detectors are also vacuum sealed to prevent any air exposure until the participant opens the package. Once assembled, the devices are then shipped to Evict Radon Canadian-National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) certified partners who check to ensure the units are still air sealed, conduct essential field controls and distribute the detectors to our Evict Radon participants, who then conduct their 90+ day test and return their units for analysis. 

When the devices arrive back at the lab, the plastic chips are removed, and the black housing units are recycled to make new radon detectors. The plastic chips are placed in a special holder and then treated through a chemical process to reveal the radiation dents. These dents are then imaged and counted using high-power microscopy. This largely automated counting process is supervised by specialist technicians who conduct many controls to ensure precision and accuracy. Once the analysis is complete, the homeowner receives a report on the radon level in their home. Health Canada recommends remediating if your concentration is greater than 200 Bq/m3.

Have you signed up for our study yet? By ordering one of our test kits, you’re not only purchasing a quality-controlled device, but you’re also contributing to public sector cancer research by consenting to join with our team of University researchers to understand and ultimately engineer radon from our homes. As we are a public radon research study and not-for-profit organization, Evict Radon offers its testing kits at cost. Become a citizen scientist and order your kit today!