Dr. Aaron Goodarzi, Canadian Research Chair for Radiation Exposure Disease, leads Evict Radon with the support of a number of outstanding scientists. Our board of directors combines grassroots science engagement and citizen science-based research in a way perhaps never before seen in Canada for preventing cancers.


Evict Radon is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to solving Canada’s large and worsening radon gas exposure problem. Our mission is twofold: to increase awareness about the dangers of radon gas and to research it. Using multidisciplinary research strategies, Evict Radon endeavours to:

Understand what type of property produces a high or low radon environment and why;
Identify who in society are the most at risk from radon exposure; and
Make meaningful changes to policy to engineer high radon out of our future buildings.

By testing your home with one of our non-profit, research-grade radon test kits and enrolling in our university-based research study, you are helping us gain a better understanding of radon exposure and develop new ways to protect ourselves and loved ones.


Evict Radon is based out of the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Evict Radon was established in 2017.


Radon exposure is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in Canada and the leading cause of lung cancer among nonsmokers. Radon-induced lung cancer is entirely preventable through testing and mitigation. 

Unfortunately, merely promoting radon testing is no longer sufficient. While many different organizations have employed basic testing programs for decades, radon concentrations in new homes continue to rise—as does the incidence of radon-attributable lung cancers. Less than 30 per cent of the small population of radon testers with dangerous levels of radon take action to mitigate. This has to change, and Evict Radon is working to make that happen.

Do you have questions about our team and its work? Reach out and contact us. We’d love to hear from you.