Our C-NRPP testing partners at RadonWest & Radonova have been working tirelessly to develop a testing device compatible with Canada Post return shipping – and they did it!
This is a huge accomplishment in radon testing! We have being working hard to make the testing process easier for our participants! They can now trust that their radon device is getting to the laboratory with ease.
For $53.99 (plus applicable taxes) the Evict Radon National Study is now able to offer (as of March 6th 2023) outgoing and return shipping all our participants!
A return shipping envelope will now be included in every Evict Radon testing kit.


Once you have completed the 90+ days, visit stg-evictradon-staging.kinsta.cloud and click “end my test.” Log in using your COMMISSION ID & PASSWORD. Double-check all the information is correct, enter the end date and click “save all.” Place the device as is in the prepaid return envelope provided. Seal the envelope and promptly (within 7 days) drop it off at any Canada Post mailbox or post office. Please keep the postcard with your COMMISSION ID and PASSWORD until you receive your results. The results will be emailed directly to you once the analysis is complete.